rhonda hurwitz 2015About Rhonda Hurwitz:

The past decade has seen an incredible culture shift. Old “push” marketing no longer works, as customers have adopted a new buying process.

I’ve been on the front lines throughout this digital transformation. Believe it or not, it’s a great time to be a mid-sized business or entrepreneur!

Now, every business website has the opportunity to become a digital “sales engine”. Every click can be measured.  The right content attracts prospective buyers,  and creates measurable results.

I love the ability to apply old-school marketing values, to this new world. Buyer insight-focused content is the great equalizer, and that’s my specialty.

Does Your B2B Business Need More Leads? 

I work with companies to build a strong B2B sales engine.  I work with one of the premier inbound marketing agencies, creating great results for remarkable clients.

Why are we so successful?  A tried and true approach called “inbound marketing” (also known as “content marketing” — executed to perfection.

It’s a 3-step process:

  • Attract prospects with helpful content, in combination with search and social networks;
  • Nurture lead interest, to the point of sales engagement;
  • Use marketing automation and powerful analytics to power, track and measure results, in a seamless, scalable process.

With the right tools, we can keep focused on what works, make better decisions, and demonstrate ROI.

If your company should be getting better results from online marketing, get in touch. A new approach could yield big results.

Why Work With Rhonda?

  • I’m expert at developing deeper buyer insights — an essential first step to get the whole content funnel right.
  • I specialize in content solutions for complex B2B technology and manufacturing businesses.
  • I work with a great team over at Square 2 Marketing.  Their team is the best at what they do, with a uniquely results-driven approach that gets great results for clients.

Prior Experience: I’m a former F500 brand marketing executive.  I learned marketing strategy and communications in the trenches at at Unilever, Kraft, Playtex, and Diageo; I built and executed marketing plans, and managed 8-figure marketing budgets.

Using those same skills, plus a digital toolkit, I now advise mid-market B2B companies, to grow topline sales.

 Last:  I’m a certified inbound marketer, buyer persona expert, Duke MBA, and occasional contributor to Forbes.com.

Contact Me:  @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, rhurwitz@square2marketing, or call me at 914.645.8449.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Rhonda Hurwitz has been helping companies accelerate marketing results, and helping agencies deliver better results to their clients, for almost 20 years.

Strategic services include: inbound marketing, content strategy, content marketing, buyer insights for content clarity, messaging, & competitive differentiation, marketing audits, social media strategy, marketing automation and technology training.