Blogging 101: Can’t Phone It In!

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Yesterday, someone whose blog you should all read —  Scott Stratten, Unmarketing — gave a great presentation, lots of great ideas. Towards the end, a member of the audience asked “how frequently should you blog?

I knew the answer to that one…2-3x/week, oh yeah!…except that’s not what my buddy Scott said.  OK, sit tight, I don’t want you to fall off your chair….he said to blog when you have something to say!   Just when you think you know all the rules, someone reminds you that it’s good to follow them, but better to break ’em (read more here).  Damn!

OK, let’s break the rules.  My Friday gift to you…a little known song from 1982, by Karla Bonoff (cause she gave the phrase “can’t phone it in” new meaning),  some lyrics for my friend AnnMarie, and the You Tube video.   And, since I’m livin’ on the edge, a last sentence with no keywords.  So there.

Karla Bonoff Personally (selected lyrics)

…I’ve got something to give you
That the mailman can’t deliver
I can’t mail it in
I can’t phone it in
I can’t send it in
Even by your closest kin
I’m bringing it to you personally…

Great song.  Scott, thanks for the reminder!


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