Why Add Google Analytics to Your Website?

[tweetmeme source=”helpmerhonda11″ only_single=false] If there was a way to know more about your website traffic:    where visitors came from, what keywords they searched, how they navigated through your site, would you be interested?  Google Analytics shows you all that and more.  So, here’s my pet peeve:  websites without Google Analytics. What good is a website that can’t be measured?

Google Analytics is free, and it takes about two minutes to add…so, why doesn’t every developer add it from the get-go?  I posed this question recently;  “because my clients will never look at it” was the developer’s answer.  This is not acceptable!  At the very least, the site should be coded so data is collected and available when it is needed at a later date.

Here are step by step instructions on adding Google Analytics to your website:

1.  First, you need to to open a Google Analytics account. click here and then follow the instructions.

2.  Next, you will follow these instructions to get the tracking code for your website, and then ask your web developer to add the customized snippet of code to each page on your site.  You will have to pay for the developer’s time, but it will be minimal and is well worth it.  That’s all there is to it!

It takes some time to develop history, so the sooner you begin, the better. Once you dig around a bit, you may be amazed.  For instance, I recently studied Google Analytics for a client;  after a month Analytics gave insight that provided the basis for a secondary market strategy.

Better information will help you make better decisions.  Google Analytics is a valuable and powerful tool that belongs on EVERY website.

PS  What is Google Analytics? A free tool that provides information about website traffic/navigation/most popular pages/search terms etc., i.e., how your website is performing and how to improve it’s effectiveness. To learn more about Google Analytics: (Learn more here , click on “product tour”).

PSS  Have a story to share about using Google Analytics?  I’d love to hear from you!

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About Rhonda Hurwitz

Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on Forbes.com: http://blogs.forbes.com/people/rhondahurwitz/
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3 Responses to Why Add Google Analytics to Your Website?

  1. That’s a great point, Rhonda! Having the tracking data stored won’t hurt anyone, so why not have it set up from the beginning even if no one is looking at it?

    I was excited to implement Google Analytics on our website, and I’m glad I did, but I wish I had done it sooner. I set it up after we’d already focused on posting more blog entries and started sending a monthly newsletter, and it would be nice to see what the traffic was like before those efforts.

    • Elizatbeth, I had a similar experience recently. With one client, I only have 2 months of data to look at, and only after I requested that the tracking code be added, instead of the 3 yrs. + history that would exist if it was done from the outset. Crazy.

      I think that design for a website can’t be “silo-ed”, but needs to incorporate SEO and analytics on the front end. Most business owners don’t even know to ask about analytics or request SEO, but I’d like to see it just become standard practice as part of the design and development stage. Thanks for commenting!

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