Growing Your Business Using a Facebook Fan Page: Part 2

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Your Facebook fanbase will not multiply overnight, but with consistent efforts it can grow.  Here are 6 more techniques to try:
1. Amplify your Facebook page by cross-promoting on your website, in emails, in your tweets, in your email signature, on your blog, your linked in feed … in short, wherever and however you communicate with your customers and prospective customers.

Install the Facebook fan box and other widgets designed for this purpose on your blog/website.

2.  Friend other strategically compatible businesses and comment on their page to gain additional exposure for your page.

Once you are logged in as your business, go to the page that your page wants to like, and underneath their profile photo, click on “add this page to my favorites”.

Use the “@tag” technique to comment on other profiles and pages that have a related target audience, as your business page, not as your personal profile.  An instructional video from the guys at WeTeachFacebook on how to do this is linked here.

3.  Import your address book, using the friend finder feature. Then use the “suggest to a friend” or “share” tool to invite friends to check out  (and “like”) your page.  Combine this with a promotion “call to action” to join your fan page.

For instance, recently, Wal-mart had a very effective “crowd saver” promotion strategy that could easily be used by a smaller business. (links to more instructional videos from the guys at “WeTeachFacebook” on their You Tube channel, here)

Note:  While you have to maintain an awareness of Facebook’s TOS, it is perfectly OK to require someone to be a fan of your page to participate in a promotion.

4.  Use Facebook ads to identify a target audience and interest them in your business.

Experiment with a small budget.  Create a demographically targeted ad with a strong “call to action” and see if you can get people to become fans once they click through to your Facebook page.

5.  Review your page analytics (“Facebook insights”), to refine your strategy.  See what posts get the greatest response, and what details make a difference:

For instance, on Twitter, RT’s occur most often on Monday and Friday, but Facebook users seem most likely to share on Saturdays and Sundays.

6.  Respond to fan comments in a timely manner!  When a fan posts on your wall, use this app to be notified:

For more Facebook “how to’s”, check out the  “We Teach Facebook” website, and the “WeTeachFacebook Facebook page, as well as Mari Smith’s Resource tab and Facebook page.

Please add your comments … what have you done to grow your business using a Facebook fan page?


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Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on
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