Using Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business: Case Studies

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In this post, we’ll look at a few case studies to see what actually happened when several businesses used Facebook ads to accomplish two very different goals:

Case Study #1: A B2C  suburban tutoring business ran ads to drive new prospects to his website.

  • Several ads were created, each featuring a different service.
  • By tweaking copy and images, several ads were developed that had a better than average CTR ((2-3%, considered good by Facebook standards). The ad target was chosen  based on:  age, education, geography, and lifestyle/brand affinities.
  • Clicks sent prospects to the business website, specifically,  to a page featuring information about the firm, the featured service, and a contact form.
  • While the ads got clicks, after a passing glance prospects bounced from the website, in an average of 12 seconds.  Despite a healthy click through rate and low cost per click, there was not a single conversion (form filled out on website page) over several weeks.

Discussion: You could also argue that the Facebook ads were building awareness for potential conversion at a later date – or, that adding a limited time promotional offer for new customers might have spurred conversion.  Also, the Facebook advertising results might have been better with a dedicated landing page.

Still, the bottom line rules:  with a limited marketing budget and predictable conversion rate from Google Adwords,  the Facebook ad campaign was abandoned and the client went back to using paid search to drive converting traffic to the website, continued investing in SEO, and decided to let his Facebook page grow organically.

Case Study #2: A B2B professional services firm serving the real estate community used an ad campaign to supplement other marketing activities (email marketing, social media, and grassroots outreach/word of mouth/networking).

  • The goal of the short campaign was to generate awareness and sign-ups for a seminar targeting realtors and related industry professionals.
  • Ads were served in a specific geographic area, and based on the targeting criteria the number professionals that met the criteria were quite small.
  • The limitations of the ad length made it hard to communicate the specifics of the event.

Discussion: The campaign resulted in lots of impressions at a very low cost per click. While Facebook advertising was effective in starting relationships with a small number of highly targeted professionals, the number of signups from Facebook for the actual event was smaller than desired.

Conclusion: Depending on the business objectives and budget, there is no one size fits all approach.

  • For client # 1, the business goal is to generate inquiries when the customer need is most acute, and the sales funnel is very short; Adwords proved to be the better vehicle for this.
  • For client #2, starting relationships among a specific professional group and cultivating them over time makes sense, and a future ad directing Realtors to the fan page for future conversation would be a nice addition to the marketing mix.

Please weigh in: It would be great to build a robust resource of business case histories. What’s your Facebook advertising story? What results have you achieved, what tips can you share, how did you make effective use of Facebook ads for business?style=”border:0;margin:0;padding:0;” src=”” alt=”Add to Facebook” />Add to DiggAdd to Del.icio.usAdd to StumbleuponAdd to RedditAdd to BlinklistAdd to TwitterAdd to TechnoratiAdd to Yahoo BuzzAdd to Newsvine


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