Facebook Page Flatlining? Edgerankchecker.com to the Rescue!

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Do you have a Facebook page that is in the doldrums?  Check out a useful new measurement tool called Edgerankchecker.

Edgerankchecker.com is a free tool for business page owners. The beauty of Edgerankchecker is its simplicity … one number, that sums up how your page is doing, that you can track over time.

It measures Facebook Edgerank for your page, and results will fall into one of four ranges:  Below average, Average, Above Average, or Excellent.

What’s the Best Way to Use EdgerankChecker?

Simply measure your Edgerank once a month, and track it.  Is the trend getting better?  Good job!   Is the trend flat or downward?  Fire your social media manager and hire someone who knows what they are doing:)

While specific metrics are available from Facebook Insights, and you can also use Google Analytics, the magic of Edgerankerchecker is its overall simplicity and ease of use.

7 Easy Ways to Improve your Facebook Visibility (Edgerank)

Edgerankchecker is the brainchild of Chad Wittman (EdgeRank expert, social media marketer, @chadwittman on Twitter and founder of SBN), who was nice enough to make suggestions about how to improve Facebook Edgerank.  Here is my summary of his advice:

  1. Be awesome! If what you post sucks, no one will like it or comment on it.
  2. Show, don’t tell!  Use images and video over text when possible.
  3. Before you post, consider your user.  As Chris Brogan would say, “be a damn human”! Even if your page is about widgets, on a Friday afternoon you can still ask people to click ”like” if they are excited for the weekend!
  4. Tell fans what you want them to do (that is why fangated welcome pages work so well!) If you ask a question or want a comment, tell them!
  5. Encourage fans to like your content … but don’t overdo this technique; badgered fans are not happy fans.
  6. Don’t sell (social media 101).  Remember that classic cocktail party example, and make sure your posts are not overly “me-focused”.
  7. Measure monthly.  Besides Edgerank, look at Facebook insights, and track anything that tells you engagement levels … even unsubscribes!

To sum up, anyone can give away ipads and get lots of fans on Facebook.  But, having lots of low quality, unengaged fans on Facebook is of little value over time. Appeal to your fan’s vanity, shine the spotlight on them, make people appear smarter or cooler to their friends, and they will share your content.

Continuous Improvement:  Analyze and Optimize Your Edgerank

The challenge is to analyze and tweak your updates, to improve your Edgerank over time.  Therefore, manage your Edgerank — be observant, see what works, and make adjustments overtime.  For instance:

  • If you make two posts very close together, that in many cases the second post literally “obscures” the first.  Conclusion:  space out your posts.
  • Facebook does not like “roboposting”, from automated feeds – so if you plan to add a blog to your Facebook page, for instance, hand post it.  While more labor intensive, this is the preferred method for better Edgerank.
  • Photos that tag people, check ins, anything that invites engagement is a win.  This past week I invited bloggers attending Blogfest in NYC to “brag about their interior design blog” on a client’s wall.  Did it work?  Yes, it did.

Have you tried Edgerankchecker?  Did the results surprise you? I put it to the test for several pages I manage, and it seemed to be a good directional metric.  Try it out, and let me know what you think.

What techniques do you use to improve your Edgerank on Facebook?

PS – The Fine Print:  before you get all excited about your specific Edgerankchecker score (as I did when one of my pages weighed in at 151!), remember that the value of this measurement is relative, and most meaningful over time.  Also know that due to sample size and other statistical voodoo, it becomes a more reliable number for pages with over 100 fans, and when used after the first week of the month.

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About Rhonda Hurwitz

Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on Forbes.com: http://blogs.forbes.com/people/rhondahurwitz/
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4 Responses to Facebook Page Flatlining? Edgerankchecker.com to the Rescue!

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  2. Rhonda,
    Loved your post and edgerankchecker.com really makes you focus better on being effective with your Facebook strategy. Your ideas are always so impactful! Thank you and wishing you a great start to your holiday season!
    ~ Ana

    • Ana, thanks for commenting! Facebook keeps us on our toes for sure:) especially with Facebook insights. You are right — “…their system makes you focus better on being effective with your Facebook strategy” — I couldn’t have said it any better than that.

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