Email Marketing from Dyson Vacuums: A Great Example of “K.I.S.S.”!

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Like This!

A nice example of Email marketing popped into my inbox yesterday.  How simple!  How smart!

Since my initial purchase, Dyson didn’t inundate me with emails.  But, at the right time, they sent an effective reminder, and left me with the right message:  Yes, my Dyson vacuum still works, and if I need service or another vacuum they are there.

I love everything about the Dyson email shown below:  the message, the visual, the persona.  This is one brand that gets it.

Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

Social media is great, but let’s face it … you need to capture email addresses from website visitors because the only two properties you OWN are your website/blog and your email list.  Social media platforms can change their terms of service, Google can change their ranking algorithm, but no matter … email gives you the power to communicate at your will with your prospects, as this example from Dyson shows.

Why is Automated Email Lead Nurturing So Effective?

According to the folks at Hubspot, there are 6 reasons why automated email lead nurturing is a winning strategy:

  1. It’s automated.
  2. It’s timely.
  3. Nothing slips through the cracks.
  4. It creates more value out of what you have.
  5. It offers more precise targeting.
  6. You can repurpose existing content.

You can read more here:  *Link:  6 Reasons Lead Nurturing Wins Over Email Blasts , but here’s the bottom line:  once a warm prospect visits your site, don’t miss the opportunity to further the relationship by gaining permission to continue to communicate with them.  Once you have that permission, you can design an emails that continues to help solve their problems … and occasionally, up-sell or cross-sell other products or services to your most interested prospects.

Next Steps — Build Your Email List, and Use It!

How about your business … are you aggressively building your email list?   Do you have a plan for lead nurturing, using an auto-responder program to keep in touch and convert more leads?  Are your emails short, to the point, clean and uncluttered?  If so, good job!

Smart email marketing isn’t brain surgery … so maybe it’s time to get on it!  Thanks for the reminder, Dyson!


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Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on
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