Mobile Marketing Checklist for Small Business

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Remember Agent 86 and his “mobile phone”?  As silly as Don Adams in “Get Smart” looks to us now, mobile devices are becoming the preferred way consumers interact online.

Consider these mobile marketing facts:  Over 50% of working adults have a “smart phone”, the average teen sends and receives nearly 3000 texts a month, 40% of social media updates occur via a mobile device, AND as much as 40% of all online searches now originate from a mobile device.

Case in point:  last week, I tried to get directions to the new Fairway Market in Stamford, CT while in my car.  After two attempts at trying to navigate their non-mobile website on my Blackberry, I gave up and found a competitor — where I spent $100!  This is just one small example of how ignoring mobile can cost your business money without you even knowing it!

Developing a mobile marketing strategy should be on every business’s agenda. Here are 3 mobile marketing actions worth considering now:

1.  Get your website optimized for mobile platforms:   People will not take the time to bother with your traditional website on the small screen of a mobile device.  Make key website information no more than one click away — directions, menus, phone number, etc.– or people will take their business elsewhere.

Note:  making your website or blog mobile friendly does not have to be expensive or entail an entire site redesign.  Check out cost effective mobile website solutions for small business such as GoMobi or Dudamobile.

Update:  Google will start to PENALIZE the Quality Score of businesses who use Adwords and don’t have a mobile optimized site.  For more info on this, check out this link from Search Engine Watch, and check out Google’s FREE service for businesses called Mobilize.  

2.  Claim your local “Google Places” listing.  Half of all mobile searches are LOCAL, which underscores the importance of optimizing your local business listing in search results.  Make sure customers and prospects can find your business by providing a robust local listing on search engines (i.e., Google Places), review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.

3.  Are you using social check-ins?  If you have a physical location, try engaging current and potential customers via Facebook, Foursquare, and other geolocation services.  While limited in effectiveness to those who use these services, check-in promotions are a cost effective way to further a range of business goals from from awareness to loyalty.

4.  Should you consider a mobile app?  Custom apps are expensive and are not right for every business, but a mobile app could still be worthwhile.  One business is making it easy to book appointments on the fly … another is texting a “deal of the day”.  What can you do to make doing business easier for current and potential customers?

The good news:  Smart use of mobile marketing can help you target new prospects with precision, just as they are searching for your product or service and most ready to buy.  If your competition is complacent —  with a static website that has not adapted to new technology — this means a greater share of voice for you!

First things first:  Like many other businesses, your website probably isn’t optimized for mobile platforms. Develop a mobile version of your website or blog.  Then you will be in a better position to evaluate and leverage other, more proactive mobile marketing programs. 

Are you ignoring mobile marketing?  Can you afford missing out on up to 30% of potential web traffic, because site visitors are unable to easily interact with your business?  What does your mobile marketing plan look like?

Credit:  Thank you to Cindy Solomon, whose original use of the “Get Smart” imagery and  mobile marketing facts in her presentation at Key Bank’s Key4Women lunch triggered the idea for this blog post!

Make my day … leave a comment!  (Also, check out my facebook page, where business owners can share marketing tips, opinions, and news).  Thanks!

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About Rhonda Hurwitz

Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on
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5 Responses to Mobile Marketing Checklist for Small Business

  1. Mardy Sitzer says:

    Great post Rhonda – love your example and the resources you shared. You are so on target with the need for retailers to get on board and understand that it is the mobile devices today that are the real drivers to the brick and mortar shops.

  2. Jorge says:

    Great post Rhonda – love your example and the resources you shared. You are so on target with the need for retailers to get on board and understand that it is the mobile devices today that are the real drivers to the brick and mortar shops.

    • Thanks for commenting, Jorge … it is really hard to be in a brick and mortar business today. These business owners need to use EVERY tool at their disposal and use every opportunity to connect with their customers where they live (online!) Problem is that many of these businesses are not innovating, and will have to play catch up as their customers … or smarter competitors … lead the way.

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