17 Social Media Lessons From “Likeable” Media (and win a FREE book)

[tweetmeme source=”rhondahurwitz” only_single=false]likeable social media, by dave kerpenThere are lots of excellent books about social media.  Why does “Likeable Social Media” belong on your bookshelf?

Likeable Media founder Dave Kerpen has written a book that both teaches and inspires, with instructive success stories from their client list of 200+ brands.

This book is a social media tutorial for the corner office, and a guide for the hands on practitioner.  And, each chapter ends with a summary and useful “action item” checklist.  Nice!

Some Key Themes from “Likeable Social Media”:

      • Listen closely to the conversation about your brand or category:        An IBM initiative called “Listening for Leads” demonstrates the power of social listening.  The firm listened for key words and phrases and then tapped into real time conversations to present IBM as a potential solution.  Listening should be 50% of your conversation.
      •  Discover the messaging that resonates with your audience, and build a relationship around that:                                                                                 It’s about knowing your customers.  For instance, “The Pampered Chef” developed a virtual gift application that allows fans to share a picture of cake on friend’s walls on their birthdays or other celebratory occasions.  How cool is that?
      • Integrate your social media messaging across all your marketing efforts:                                                                                                                        Social media doesn’t exist in a silo … there are so many places to integrate your social marketing.  For instance, Mark Zuckerberg’s dad (yes, that Mark Z.) promoted his dental practice using e-mail appointment reminders that invited new patients to “get to know us better” by checking out bios on a Facebook page. Integrate!
      • Use social advertising to “nano-target” your target audience: Hypertargeted advertising is a powerful way to expand your reach on social platforms.  One of the most memorable examples in the book, Dave used Facebook to “nano-target” his wife Carrie with a romantic ad on Facebook.  What a brilliant demonstration of targeted advertising … with over 800 million users, his ad smartly targeted an audience of ONE!
      • If you don’t want to be invisible, be likeable:                                               Each client is unique, and there’s no “one size fits all” solution.  If there’s a common denominator for “Likeable” brands, it’s social interaction that’s engaging, relevant, and appropriate for each specific audience.

13 Creative Brand Lessons From “Likeable Social Media”

  1. Stride Rite created an engaged community focused on moms and their kids (not just the shoes) —  with over 100,000 brand followers!
  2. 1-800-FLOWERS delivers such buzz-worthy, exceptional customer service, they turn potentially vocal dissatisfied customers into brand evangelists.
  3. Omaha Steaks engages a demographic we don’t usually identify with Facebook —   males aged 40 – 65 —  with their “Table Talk” feature
  4. NYC Quits designed a Facebook page to distribute nicotine patches, and it grew legs as a virtual online support group
  5. Mayor Cory Booker governs more effectively with the help of Twitter … and by developing relationships online, he landed a 100 million gift for his city
  6. Raymoor and Flanigan creates brand relevance by sharing decorating advice and inspiration via photos and video
  7. Mrs. Pinkelmeyer, a niche toy brand on a budget, launched using only earned media
  8. Epic Change, a young non-profit, created a viral “TweetsGiving” promotion
  9. Fiskars scissors created a hyperengaged community of crafters (“Fiskateers”)
  10. Cumberland Farms created a low cost, high impact “free Chill Zone For a Year” promotion by understanding their teenage target audience really, really well
  11. Executive Express Chiropractic , a professional practice, provides extensive social media support using social media, including a scheduling and office check-in app.
  12. Neutrogena reaches hard to engage teens via their peers, to talk about acne and build credibility for the brand
  13. Franklin Sports used a group offer to drive 10K fan signups for the cost of a single pair of tickets.

FREE Book Contest: Win This Book 

This book belongs on your kindle (or under your tree, or on your nightstand) … and now you can win a copy!  Here’s what to do:

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Happy social marketing, happy holidays, and happy reading!                                         

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