The (Not So) Surprising Truth About “Klout”: Iowa Caucus Results vs. Klout Scores

On a whim, I decided to compare the 2012 Iowa Caucus results to the Klout scores of the individual Republican candidates, with a few “celebrities”  thrown in.

The results didn’t really surprise me, but it was a fun exercise …

Take a look:

klout score vs. Iowa caucus resultsThis chart confirms what we already know:  Klout is simply a measure of online influence, not real world influence!  Still it is fun to compare:

  • Mitt Romney topped the list in Klout and also won in Iowa
  • Mitt’s “Klout” just edges out that of B-Lister Kathy Griffin, who beat all of the other candidates:)
  • Warren Buffet, despite his real world influence, trails both Kathy Griffin and all the other candidates
  • Jon Huntsman, despite his “Klout” of 70, came in dead last with 1% of the Iowa caucus vote.

Next time you look at your Klout score, and feel that shallow little lift when it moves up (Yay!) or feel crestfallen when it dips (Wah!) … remember Iowa!

Oh, by the way: do you use the Klout Chrome extension to identify influencers and use that in your marketing efforts?  It’s a very useful tool, and I highly recommend it.

More importantly, please weigh in:  do you think brands can use Klout to drive business results in any real way?

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