Content Marketing: Does Your Content Make the Cut?

content marketingContent drives the social media and search marketing train.

But with an avalanche of fresh content inundating our in-boxes and social networks each day, it’s challenging to keep up.

We’re all so quick to hit delete, delete, delete …  does your content make the cut? 

We consume the best content, and tune out the worst

If you’re like me, you have a natural filtering mechanism.  With so much ho-hum, mediocre content out there, we naturally start to pay attention to an A-list of trusted sources.  It looks something like this:

    • I surround myself with people smarter and more interesting than myself
    • With every post/tweet/update I read, I’m closer to solving a business problem AND I stay entertained.
    • Anyone who bores me or hits me with a hard sell … buh-bye!

Since we all filter aggressively to cope with the sheer volume of content, how can content creators keep from becoming invisible?  The pat answer is, “create remarkable content”.  But, what does that really mean?

Consistency.  Useful Solutions.  And the occasional LOL CAT.

By tuning into your customer’s needs and solving their problems, you earn permission for your content to be seen and to occasionally promote your own agenda.  The key word is EARN … because people can (and will!) tune you out the minute you stop adding value to their day.

The upside is that people share and recommend what they love and trust.  To benefit from peer-to-peer sharing, however, you must first dial down your own personal messaging.

Sell Less … Or Get Deleted Faster Than You Can Say “Unsubscribe”

Talking about yourself 24/7 on social media platforms is a very common mistake.

For a recent client project, I did an audit of 25 facebook pages for the members of the CAFC.  Only 3 of them had cracked the code of being engaging to their audience.

Remember the most basic social media concept:  the more you try to sell, the less attention you will get.  Shine the spotlight on others, stop marketing “at”  people, already! Don’t Be That Guy!

Be patient, genuinely useful, and occasionally entertaining,  relationships will follow.

Your Target Audience:  What They Really Want 

Recently, a business owner confessed that despite all the traffic to his website, he hadn’t gotten one lead from it.

On your website, do you have the right content that solves your prospect’s common problems, and builds trust?

I won’t cover the content marketing funnel in detail … this ground has been well covered by others, most notably Hubspot, as explained  in this article and on the graph below.content marketing:  assets by stage

Suffice it to say that developing the right content assets, and addressing pain points while building trust, will keep your prospects listening.

People Buy From People

In theory, developing high quality, keyword optimized content will create a constant flow of targeted leads.  Place it on your website and share on social platforms, as a good first step.  But quality content isn’t enough.

Never, never, NEVER forget the human dimension.  By being helpful, developing a voice that is genuinely interesting and feels like a real person, and creating a relationship with your buyer or prospect, is how your content will make the cut.

Whose content do you look forward to receiving, reading, or sharing?

Make my day … leave a comment! And, stop by and say hi on my facebook page, where I share marketing tips, opinions, and news. Thanks!


About Rhonda Hurwitz

Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on
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5 Responses to Content Marketing: Does Your Content Make the Cut?

  1. Mark R. LePage, AIA, LEED AP says:

    Rhonda: Great post on content marketing. I am the founder of Entrepreneur Architect and I will sharing this one with my peers. Thanks.

    • Thanks for sharing, Mark! I enjoyed checking out your website and entrepreneur architect blog … kudos to you for making time to incorporate you online activities to build your business. I liked reading that it has definitely helped your business development. I spend a lot of time with professionals who are “too busy” to add social media or content marketing to the mix (or think they are). Anyway, hi neighbor, see you around Chappaqua!

  2. Robert K.Melo says:

    Great post!
    Robert Melo

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  4. This was a very interesting read! I am in a new position with a professional organization and looking into how to engage our members on social media and basically building our network from the ground up!

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