Linked in Password “Hack”: Time To Be More Vigilant

internet securityYesterday, 6 million out of 160 million Linked members had their passwords hacked.

In internet time, this is old news … but I wanted to share some thoughts.

Linked in Hack Update:  

The Need for Vigilance

This incident brings up important issues for all of us, living in an increasingly digital world:

1.  This is nothing new.  Other sites have been hacked in the past, including the government, major retailers, etc.  To protect ourselves, we each need to be more vigilent.

2.  Best practice:  Create a different password for every site, using longer, random letter combinations.  I personally have gotten lax about this … but not anymore (see #3).

3.  PersonalPassword Manager”:  I just downloaded a browser add-on called “LastPass“, which safely remembers and stores your unique passwords.  This app creates a secure account with one master password, stores your personal info for ease of form filling, and can be accessed from any device.

 They also offer a free security assessment tool.  Check it out, the results might surprise you!

What Else Can We Do To Be More Secure Online?

A few years ago, I had my identity stolen, a headache that I would not like to repeat.  This Linkedin security breach is another wake-up call … time for an online security “makeover”!

Besides creating and managing unique and more secure passwords, what else can we do?  I’m no expert in this field, so I’d like to turn the question back to you:

    • What steps have you taken to be more secure from your home computer?  From a mobile device? In the cloud?
    • Do you check for sites that have “https” instead of “http”?
    • Do you watch what you do when on a public hotspot … or use a personal Wifi device (“Mifi”) for added security?
    • Anything other steps you have taken?

Please weigh in, or share a link to helpful information on this topic.  And, let’s all be more diligent about internet security!

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About Rhonda Hurwitz

Rhonda Hurwitz is a content strategist and marketing consultant who helps mid-sized businesses develop more effective online strategies. @rhondahurwitz on Twitter, and on
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3 Responses to Linked in Password “Hack”: Time To Be More Vigilant

  1. Rhonda – good advice on protective measures to take to safeguard our online navigation and presence.

  2. Renee Russell says:

    Rhonda – appreciate your taking the time to nudge all of us to do better!

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