How One Food Blogger Got Thousands of Followers in 16 Months (… and You Can Too)

heather katsoulisIn one of those serendipitous moments, I met fellow marketer and food blogger Mary Pisarkiewicz while teaching a class on Digital Marketing Strategy last month, as part of the National Minority Business Council’s Executive Management Program.

My ears perked up right away when one of the sponsors joked that she could always tell what Mary was cooking, from the delicious smells greeting her in the hallway of the building where they both live.

With a client who is about to launch her own food blog, and ever the marketer, I was anxious to learn all I could about the reading habits of this scratch cook.  Imagine my surprise when I asked Mary if she read any food blogs, and she replied, “I write one!”.

One thing led to another, and I learned that Mary not only writes a food blog, she writes one whose popularity is growing like a weed.

Well, that did it.  I had to learn what secret ingredient besides “love” helped Mary’s blog, “Love, the Secret Ingredient” rocket to the top tier of a crowded niche in under 2 years.  So I decided to interview Mary and her team, and find out how they did it.

Do you know what I learned, fellow bloggers?

Plan the work, and work the plan … and that’s it!  (Well, maybe there’s a little more to it than that …  the secret ingredient IS love, as a matter of fact).

You can read more about how Mary and her team did it, over at, in my post entitled

 “Love, the Secret Ingredient:  A Valentine for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs”.

I boiled Mary’s success down to 7 practices we all need to follow.  While there are no shortcuts, success is certainly attainable if you include these same elements in your approach.

Here”s the abridged version of my list, and you can read the expanded version over at

7 Lessons From A Successful Food Blog: 

1.  Passion/Experience

2.  Teamwork

3.  Be social, on your blog and off

4.  Consistency!  (and hard work)

5.  Know your reader

6. Online marketing, PLUS old fashioned networking

7.  Build a community

(I would have reproduced the post here in it’s entirety, but Google doesn’t like that).

I’d love it if you check out the full post, and leave me a comment if you like it!  And, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Make my day … leave a comment! And, stop by and say hi on my facebook page, where I share marketing tips, opinions, and news. Thanks!

Image credit:  Heather Katsoulis


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3 Responses to How One Food Blogger Got Thousands of Followers in 16 Months (… and You Can Too)

  1. Robin Colner says:

    Great advice for Bloggers and I love the Valentine’s Day connection.

  2. Sherin W. Kamel says:

    Very useful information for someone thinking about starting a blog!

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