Living Proof: How Content Marketing Works for B2C/Ecommerce

Living Proof: Content Marketing Works for B2C/EcommerceWhat are the odds that I would wake up on Day 1 of the #cmworld content marketing conference, and see proof of content marketing in my email?

Sometimes, you just have to believe in fate.

Here’s the email I woke up to, from a  consumer:

I am a commuter/recreational rider. I ride my sportbike everyday rain or shine and into the cold months of winter for ohio. The only weather I won’t ride in is snow. That’s actually what brought me to the site today, I’m doing research on cold weather gloves for the upcoming winter months. My biggest issue with gloves I own now is the lack of insulation. It seems like a hard balance finding a glove that is not only comfortable but also has the insulation to stay warm. I will be buying a pair of the Olympia Husky 4390 gloves as soon as I can find a company who sells them. Revzilla and Motorcycle Superstore don’t appear to stock these. I try to ride approximately 10-12,000 miles a year. I usually do 1000 mi a month. I currently own the Olympia 103 and 760. Both excellent gloves but not good below 50 degrees. I’ve been riding 14 years on the street.

We content marketers KNOW content marketing works …

… but what a gift to get living proof in the form of a consumer letter to my client, spelling it out in black and white, on day 1 of the conference! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!!!

More Proof: Organic Traffic and Corresponding Sales

Want more proof? My client’s ecommerce sales have doubled since I started a weekly blog and added a little social media and email marketing to the mix. I can’t show you sales, but look at their organic traffic. You’ll just have to take my word for it that sales have followed suit.

content marketing for ecommerce inbound marketing

Works for B2B, B2C … Or Is Ecommerce in its Own Class?

One more point I wanted to make. At last night’s opening reception, I met a marketer from Brazil, named Cassio Politi of Tracto Content Marketing.  He said something very astute:

Namely, that ecommerce is in it’s own class between B2B and B2C in that it is completely measurable.

I’ve often wondered whether B2C business is a good candidate for inbound marketing (Inbound or Content marketing — I really consider these terms interchangable, as I told Joe Pulizzi last night … but that’s a blog for another day) …

As Cassio stated … perhaps ecommerce is a better candidate for content marketing because it is a more measurable class of B2C.

But as this consumer letter shows, you really can’t always measure the sales because they can occur at a third party.

In any case, the bottom line is this:  The consumer’s buying process starts with online consumer research.  That’s what makes all of it  … B2B, B2C, inbound, content marketing … work.

Maybe we should just call it P2P (person to person), and call it a day.

PS Leave  a comment, let me know what you think. And if you are at #cmworld, have a great first day!


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