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10 Online Marketing Trends for 2013

Here’s a list of online marketing trends I put together for a panel discussion on 2013 Social Media Trends. My co-panelists, Stephanie Schwab and Ellen Gerstein, will no doubt have other insights  — and I can’t wait to hear them. … Continue reading

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Online Marketing: It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

Inbound marketing, Content marketing, whatever-buzzword-you-want marketing … “new” marketing is essential. Here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be so damn hard. Continue reading

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To Grow Your Business, Don’t Be Bland

[tweetmeme source=”rhondahurwitz” only_single=false] When I think of great brands … megabrands like Apple and Harley-Davidson … I don’t think of bland.  My mind swirls with images that are in vivid technicolor! But what about smaller businesses, without mega-agencies and megabucks … Continue reading

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Marketers, How Good is Your Gut?

[tweetmeme source=”rhondahurwitz” only_single=false] Email triage is a daily headache, but one email shows up like clockwork each week, and no matter how full my in box or how busy I am, I take two minutes to read it.  I always … Continue reading

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3 Marketers Who Use Ideas, Not Money, To Build Brands

[tweetmeme source=”rhondahurwitz” only_single=false] I recently attended SMCAMPNY, an event chock full of great speakers and solid marketing tips. Besides the usual great social media content, my takeaway was this: there is no more powerful tool in the marketers toolkit than … Continue reading

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Using Social Media For Customer Insights

[tweetmeme source=”helpmerhonda11″ only_single=false]Smaller businesses don’t have the market research firepower of larger firms, and often make decisions based on gut feel. Fortunately, there are lots of inexpensive online techniques that can provide a goldmine of customer insight and competitive intelligence. … Continue reading

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A Baker’s Dozen: 13 Things I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk

[tweetmeme source=”helpmerhonda11″ only_single=false]If you were lucky, you had the chance to hear Gary Vaynerchuk in person (85 Broads event, NYC chapter). I could tell you about Gary V. the presenter… smart! funny! riveting! …but I want to focus on his … Continue reading

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Social Media and Marketing Budgets: How Much of the Pie?

[tweetmeme source=”helpmerhonda11″ only_single=false] Any financial planner worth her salt will suggest an “asset allocation”,  taking into account a client’s personal goals, timeframe, and risk tolerance. What about marketing plans?  What percentage should go to social media, compared to promotion, direct … Continue reading

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Small Business Strategy: Outsourced Marketing

[tweetmeme source=”helpmerhonda11″ only_single=false] For small to mid-sized businesses who don’t have in-house marketing capability, and especially for solopreneurs, I have one word of advice:  outsource! Focus on your core competency, and find the right professionals to take your marketing to … Continue reading

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