Law Firm Use of Blogs and Social Media (Reseach/Trends)

law firm social mediaIn a Linked in Group where I am active, Legal Blogging, this question just came up:

… I am looking for case studies of lawyers who’ve found success with social media and blogging … “

I’ve spent some time talking to lawyers about social media, and recently came across a few studies that might surprise you.

I shared these studies with the Linkedin group, but that was preaching to the choir!  I decided to post them here as well. Continue reading

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How One Food Blogger Got Thousands of Followers in 16 Months (… and You Can Too)

heather katsoulisIn one of those serendipitous moments, I met fellow marketer and food blogger Mary Pisarkiewicz while teaching a class on Digital Marketing Strategy last month, as part of the National Minority Business Council’s Executive Management Program.

My ears perked up right away when one of the sponsors joked that she could always tell what Mary was cooking, from the delicious smells greeting her in the hallway of the building where they both live. Continue reading

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Link Love: How Bloggers Rub Noses on the Social Web

link loveOn Valentine’s Day, It’s nice to recognize all the relationships that foster love and positive energy in our lives.

For many, those relationships exist online through the content we write, read, and share, which is why I’m excited to talk about link love! Continue reading

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10 Online Marketing Trends for 2013

2013 online trendsHere’s a list of online marketing trends I put together for a panel discussion on 2013 Social Media Trends.

My co-panelists, Stephanie Schwab and Ellen Gerstein, will no doubt have other insights  — and I can’t wait to hear them.

For now, this is the world as I see it: Continue reading

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5 Ways to (Legally) Use Photos in Social Media and On Your Blog

Evil Murphy Says NO to Copyright Violation -- photo by StaceyWho doesn’t love a cute photo or funny image on the social web?

According to Hubspot’s latest research, Facebook  photo posts get 53% more “likes”, 104% more comments, and links on these posts get 84% more clicks.

Instagram and Pinterest also owe their explosive growth to our collective love of visual content.  Any blogger or social media manager worth his or her salt aims to add compelling images to their posts.

Do you have the rights to use the images you post on line? Continue reading

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Blogging Dry Spell? Try a Little Help From Your Friends.

I’ve hit a blogging dry spell lately.

An editorial calendar is supposed to kick in at times like these … but how to gain enthusiasm for those “same old” topics?

When you can’t think of anything new to add to the online conversation, what do you do?

Maybe you just need a little help from your friends.  Your blogger friends, that is.

Continue reading

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The Entrepreneur Who Intends to Cure Blindness (and Other Inspirations)

approaching the summitThis week, I’m about to break the cardinal sin of blogging.

Instead of my usual marketing topics, a post about 3 people who were inspired to go the extra mile.

Here’s the common thread that runs through their stories:  having a goal, and committing to see it through … despite discouragement, even when it’s hard.

Here are their stories: Continue reading

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Solving the Social Media ROI Puzzle

social media under a magnifying  glassIf you were asked to calculate social media ROI, could you?

What starts with hello, can grow into a trusted relationship and result in revenue …

… but how to measure it?

Here are three resources that provide insight into social media ROI: Continue reading

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Online Marketing: It Doesn’t Have To Be So Hard

You don’t have to be a marketer to know that we’re living through the biggest cultural shift in human history.

Just do a gut check … how many times just TODAY did you google something?  Check the news online?  Engage in a social site?

The world is texting and engaging and searching constantly, and when it comes to reaching customers, traditional interruption techniques just don’t work anymore. Continue reading

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From “Off the Grid” to Inbound12 … Plus, an Invitation to Inbound13!

Rhonda Hurwitz in August: A Marketer Goes Off the Grid

Being off the grid for most of August made me wonder what news I missed … but a quick glance at Mashable (“Wheee! 10 YouTube Clips of Animals on Slides!!!) tells me I probably don’t have to worry.

I did miss connecting with my online friends, however.  Last week was all about catching up on client work … top of my list this week is to return to blogging, social media, and reconnecting.

Here are two things that inspired me in August … Continue reading

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