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inbound marketingMarketing Has Evolved.  Have You?

There’s been a massive culture shift, and traditional marketing has been flipped on it’s head.

Customer behaviors have changed. Now, your marketing strategy has to engage your customer online as well as off.

Here’s where it gets confusing. There are dozens of buzzwords flying about, all vying for your marketing dollar.  Demand generation, lead scoring, content marketing, social media, eCommerce, conversion optimization,B2B, B2C.

What really works?

How To Get Better Marketing Results

First things first: people are people, buyers are still buyers. At it’s core, knowing your customer is still the foundation of effective marketing, online or off.

Once you truly understand the benefits that resonate with buyers, hone your message and differentiate your solution from your competition.

With regard to message delivery and engagement, many of the tried and true methods no longer work.  It may be time to shift budget from tactics like print and outdoor, that have become less effective, and create an online system that uses newer and more impactful marketing methods.

Use content to attract the right prospects for lead generation, marketing automation to nurture prospects to sales-ready status, and analytics for conversion optimization.

In short: Attract high quality leads, learn what works, and drive more sales.

Overwhelmed? We Can Help

If this feels overwhelming, we can help.

Working collaboratively, we learn about your business challenges. We develop buyer insights, develop a content marketing strategy attracts leads, and create an automated process to nurture them until they are sales-ready. We execute the plan or train your team, as needed. Finally, we measure every tactic to maximize ROI and help you hit your business goals.

        The Process:  

    • Buyer interviews: Understand the customer’s buying process, and uncover the insights that can strengthen your business’s appeal to target customers.
    • Message development: Focus on capabilities that are both important and differentiating, with unique and persuasive messaging.
    •  Content creation: Develop a content plan that helps your business stand out as a remarkable solution, and engages prospects.
    • Digital marketing plan: Plan and execute: content marketing, social media, search optimization, lead nurturing, and more.
    • Integrate: Combine online approaches with offline, for best results.
    • Analyze: Review results. Do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Measure Results and ROI:

The results?

When everything is working right, it’s a beautiful thing. Here’s what that looks like (growth in website traffic — actual client results):

olympia sources- 12 months

After 12 months, the company shown above grew eCommerce sales 5x, and had a lead pipeline that was so full, their sales team could not handle it. Better online visibility. Increased lead conversion and sales. Improved marketing ROI.

If you need help getting results like these, give a call.

Marketing Technology: Hubspot

But without the right marketing technology and tools, even smart online strategies are hard to measure and correlate with sales.  Digital marketing is a process with a lot of moving parts.  You need the right marketing technology to measure and manage all the important bits, and learn what’s working and what isn’t.

Hubspot certified partner

Hubspot is marketing software that makes inbound marketing* easier, and as a certified partner, I use it with many of my clients, with great results.

{*Inbound marketing*: a process that helps customers to find you, instead of older, inefficient, interruption-based marketing techniques; uses data-driven analytics to measure results; optimizes based on new insights}.


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