Speaking and Events

Speaking:  Rhonda Hurwitz is an experienced presenter on digital marketing topics.

Workshops:  Rhonda helps business owners understand how to use online marketing technology and tools, to accelerate business growth.

Contact me to learn more about customized, industry specific workshops that teach new marketing capabilities to your business team.

Events Calendar:  

9/24/14:  National Minority Business Council, Inc. ~ Executive Management Program for Women and Minority Business Owners, The 3 Pillars of Web Marketing: Content, Search, and Social Media (Workshop co-sponsored by Monroe College and BNY-Mellon)

1/25/13:  National Minority Business Council, Inc. ~ Executive Management Program for Women and Minority Business Owners, EMarketing and Social Media (Workshop, co-sponsored by Monroe College and BNY-Mellon)

1/9/13:  DIGITAL MEDIA TRENDS ~ Panel Discussion, Digital Arts Experience, White Plains, New York

11/30/12:  FIT:  Digital Media for the Fashion Industry (Guest Lecture).

10/5/12:  Purchase College, “The Science of Social Media” (Guest Lecture).

6/08/12:  Speaker, 341 Studios Roundtable,  Keeping Current With Social Media“.  

Feedback:”… Thank you for this morning’s marvelous session. While I left the roundtable hungry for so much more information,  I know that the information re: the apps you provided will prove to be invaluable and will get me to the next level. Thank you so much and I look forward to attending more 341 University offerings !!  — Sandy McDonnell, Owner – SJM Design Group 

… Thank you for another terrific roundtable, Rhonda!” — Felicia Rubenstein,  Founder, 341 Studios

4/17/12:  Workshop Leader, UJA Connect-To-Care.  “Your Content Marketing Strategy:  Blogging For Business.”

Feedback: “…People really loved your session – you got “excellents” across the board so thanks again. Some standout quotes:  “great presentation and handout”  ” lots of immediately useful information”.  We’d love you to come back!” — Jill Gottlieb,  Special Projects Manager, WJCS

… I wanted to thank you for sharing your valuable knowledge about blogging … inspiring session! –Patricia Vaturi Neiman

…”‘Help Me Rhonda’ delivered as promised. I walked into a workshop she conducted wanting to know the operations end of blogging and walked out well informed and pumped up too. Rhonda is a knowledgeable and personable presenter. Thank you, Rhonda, You Helped Me!”.  — Sherry M. Adler, Owner – Get the Write Results!

3/15/13:  Panelist, Business Council of Westchester  2012 Megamixer.  “Competing in 2013 and Beyond:  How to Win in a Challenging Economy“, with 5 other panelists.

3/7/12:  Speaker, Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, “Social Media for The Non-Profit Organization”, co-presented with Lisa Schneider.

Feedback: “…Wonderful job today as always, you guys really worked hard on this and it showed.  You knew the audience and they enjoyed having the presentation tailored to their market.”Felicia Rubenstein, 341 Studios

1/13/12:  Speaker, 341 Studios Roundtable, Maximizing Linked in for Business

Feedback:  …”I’ve attended seminars in which Rhonda spoke about social media and internet marketing. Not only is Rhonda an expert on the current trends, she takes the time to give relevant, invaluable pointers for each specific type of business. Rhonda is the consummate social media guru”.  – Arline Melzer, Owner Picture Perfections Video Productions

1/4/12:  Speaker, Westchester IRL,Beyond Klout:  What You Need To Know About Social Media Metrics.

10/7/11:  Panelist, 341 Studios “Fresh Intelligence” Roundtable, “Behind the Scenes of a Good BlogPanel Discussion.

Feedback: “I kept thinking I cannot believe this terrific panel is right here in an office       space in Darien, CT!  Have to spread the word. GREAT job and great speakers”. — Lesley B. Osborn, Attendee

9/27/11:  SCORE (Norwalk, CT chapter):  Social Media Tune-Up Workshop:  Is Your Business Getting the Most Out of Social Media?

9/16/11:  341 Studios “Fresh Intelligence” Roundtable, What’s New on the Social Web?”

Feedback: “We received rave reviews and are thrilled that our attendees walked away with a better understanding of how social media can benefit a business.  As always, you presented us with a wealth of helpful information and managed to field everyone’s questions … we really appreciate you sharing your expertise with all of us”. — The Team at 341 Studios

5/5/11:  WBDC, “Facebook for Business Owners” Workshop

3/9/11:  Touro College Graduate School of Business, “Social Media for Realtors”

2/5/11:  WBDC/SCORE Social Media Workshop at NCC, “Facebook for Business

Feedback: You were sensational!  Marc was so on target in recommending you for the Facebook topic.  I saw the evaluation sheets and everybody was raving about your knowledge and ability to present the subject in a way that was understandable.   I certainly hope that you will speak at one of our workshops and possibly at one of our monthly meetings”. — Pat Duncan, SCORE Counselor

1/29/11: Private Workshop (Financial Services and Real Estate):Linked In for Real Estate Professionals

Feedback: “Excellent presentation … we all learned a great deal about LinkedIn. Very inspiring”! — Karen Mulreed, President, Westport Mortgage

1/11/11:  ReBar Camp New York,  Ad Hoc Session on Linked in.

12/3/10:  341 Studios “Fresh Intelligence” Roundtable, “Creating Compelling Content

November, 2010:  UJA Federation Connect-to-Care, Twitter for Business.


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