Success Stories/Testimonials

“…  I very much enjoyed working with you these past months and value the contribution both you and Ellie made to repubHub. Your marketing, publicity, content and social media skills will be missed”.

— Jesse Levine, Owner GlobalAllMedia


“… You have been one of my favorite people to work with.  You are an excellent communicator, and I feel like I have learned a lot from you.  Looking forward to working together on future projects”.

— Janet Gilliam, Owner RightFive LLC


“… We needed your fresh perspective!  It was great working with you.  I always looked forward to your participation in the weekly calls for your incisive, clear-eyed assessments and recommendations.

The new website exceeds anything we could have imagined.  Thank you.”

–Dan Sauerhaft, Chairman, and

Client website and inbound marketing materials before and after

Client website and inbound marketing materials before and after


hss rehabilitation network“… Rhonda brings a tremendous amount of energy and dedication to a project. She is very astute about social media and the way people use it, and her insight helped us to develop our strategy as we worked to build our LinkedIn presence. She went above and beyond in communicating and working with every member of our team, as well as in researching creative solutions and new avenues to explore in our outreach.”

— Dana R. Gallagher, Systems Analyst, Rehabilitation Department at Hospital for Special Surgery


“… Rhonda never fails to amaze me. Her skillset touches on every imaginable marketing tool. But it is the way she is able to integrate what she knows and wield it in the best and most creative service of the client that sets her apart.

— Audrey Brooks,  Communications and Development Associate, MHA Westchester, Inc.


example of linked in company profile page“ … Rhonda is a savvy marketer with a vast knowledge of the new social media landscape. She is able to quickly understand the client’s needs and objectives and build a smart communications strategy across platforms. Rhonda’s deep knowledge base is essential in this rapidly changing digital arena, and coupled with her strong business acumen brings swift results for her clients, that are on strategy, on time and on budget. To top it off, Rhonda is highly professional, a good listener and a pleasure to work with.”

— Betsy Brand, Owner Brandmark Studios 


“… Rhonda,  I have so much respect for your process, thinking and tone.  My client thought you were a great listener and liked the way you lead her thinking.  You are just the right kind of person to guide her through this process. As a result of our meeting, she is ready to roll and motivated. 

You were awesome”.

— Pat Kanter, Owner Patricia Kantor Associates (after referring Rhonda to her client for online marketing development)


blake robinson photography

blake robinson photography

“…Rhonda, my biz grew nicely this year, in no small part because of the good counsel on content and social media stuff from you and others associated with 341 Studios.

More for me to do, of course, but making small steady steps!”

—  Blake Robinson, Owner Blake Robinson Photography


“…Rhonda you’re amazing! You have made such a difference to me personally and my business.  Go Rhonda”!

  Kim Beaumont, Owner Downunder Kayaking


Before and After screenshot:

…”Rhonda has helped improve my business significantly”…

…”She has been especially helpful in the area of online marketing.  Rhonda supervised the update of my company’s website as well as the development of a blog and social media strategy.  From the beginning phase of finding a designer, through the final launch she did everything with a sharp attention to detail and an understanding of the creative process.

Rhonda has a keen ability to encourage a free exchange of ideas where all parties feel acknowledged, while directing the work towards a solution that keeps the big picture in mind.  I attribute the excellent result to be a function of her consulting efforts and I recommend Rhonda without reservation”.  –Marc Hoffman, Owner Hoffman Education


…“We have worked closely with Rhonda to develop our Social Media package of Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter. Rhonda developed a very thorough and thoughtful Social Media action plan. She made sure we stayed on target and we are thrilled with the results. Rhonda has a deep knowledge of the Social Media trends. If there was something she didn’t know she would take the time to research the material extensively. We look forward to her working more closely and introducing her to our clients.”

–Felicia Rubinstein,  Founder 341 Studios

Update 6/10/12:

Rhonda – you are the best, I am so happy you are on our team!!   I love what you have done for our web presence so far, and I am glad you pushed us to do these things.  — F.R.


“Rhonda is possibly the most patient and dedicated IT person out there. I hired her as part of the 341 Marketing team to update my website, educate me and my staff on social media, and help us make the most of our marketing budget. She was able to quickly identify the best marketing avenues for me, and created an incredibly thorough marketing plan – which she then implemented and executed virtually seamlessly. She lived and breathed Downunder for months … and we had a lot of fun! I highly recommend Rhonda.”

Kim Beaumont, Owner Downunder Kayaking


…”I consider both my time and the fees for your time to be exceedingly well spent.  You have great instincts, imagination and communication skills, and there’s no way I would have built this website without your insights and initiative.  The final product will have your ideas built in”.

–Mark Freyberg, Managing Partner Freyberg Law Group


…“Rhonda had great ideas about ways to use new media to drive additional traffic to our website and create buzz for our events, which helped make them a huge success.

She quickly learned as much as possible about my market, and demonstrated a high degree of expertise in the area of marketing and branding.  Her contribution has been extremely valuable, and any client would be lucky to have her on their team.”

–Jane Garcin, Owner of Marketing-360 (March 29, 2010)


…“Rhonda is efficient, knowledgeable, and detail-oriented, and her marketing advice was very helpful to my business. She’s very thorough and hands-on, and produces a highly professional final product.”

— Barry O’Brien, O’Brien Asset Management


…“Rhonda approached our work together with enthusiasm and focus. She gets the big picture as well as having an eye for the key details. One of her strengths is her collaborative style — she is a good listener and asks the right questions to arrive at a careful understanding in search of better ways to get things done. She is very capable, and my clients really enjoyed working with her.” — Cheri Myers, Myers Consulting


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